Do You Trust God?

Do You Trust God?

I imagine that trusting God has been an issue for every believer at one time or another in their spiritual growth. Trust is the fundamental foundation to every relationship and developing that trust requires the opening of our hearts and minds to those who seek our trust and those we seek to gain trust from.

Trusting God is perhaps one of the most powerful experiences a Christian can have and possibly the most important. So why is it so many of us lack the ability or confidence to fully trust God? Personally, I can honestly confess that trusting God completely, in every situation of my life has been an area of great disappointment for me.

Now, please don’t confuse my lack of trust with my love for God. I have never doubted nor stopped loving God. And I know that he has never stopped loving me. I have never doubted the precious gift of my salvation through his son Jesus Christ.

So why the lack of Trust?

For me, I believe my lack of trust begins when I become impatient or unwilling to wait on God’s will for my life. I want things to happen, fast, faster and even faster. The greater the problem or issue the more impatient I find myself becoming. We live in a world today where patience is no longer a virtue and trust is no longer a precious commodity to be guarded with all of our strength and might.

Other times my lack of trust comes from my unwillingness to accept that perhaps my way isn’t God’s way. I find that once I’ve set my heart on things being my way that it’s hard to accept it when God pulls me, kicking and screaming in a totally different direction.

And there’s the problem. Setting our hearts on all the wrong things. Instead of setting my heart on the things that I want and then trying to convince God that my way is right I should be setting my heart on God and nothing else.  Setting our hearts and minds towards God’s plan for our lives is exactly what God wants for us. For his ways will always lead us to a place of peace and rest.

How do we trust God?

To answer this question we must first answer the question, who or what are we placing our trust in? Are we trusting in our own abilities and talents or are we trusting in others to supply our needs? Who we see as our provider, protector, and producer of our peace, joy, and happiness will help us to understand who we truly trust. Ourselves or God?

Once we’ve identified God as the one true source of all our hopes, cares and dreams we must then develop spiritual habits that can aid us in strengthing our trust. That way when the time comes and we really need to trust in Him, we won’t find ourselves lacking.

Habits for Building Trust

  1. We’ve already covered the first step, but it’s worth repeating. Identifying God as the one true source for everything we will ever need or hope for. From the simple things like smooth traffic on your drive to work to the great things like healing a loved one or sharing your faith with a lost co-worker. Trusting God with every area of our lives is knowing the true heart of God.
  2. Meditate on God’s word. Allow the scriptures to stir your faith in God. Commit a few scriptures to memory for those times doubt or impatience begin to creep into your mind. Scriptures like Proverbs 3:5, “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding,” is one of my favorites. God’s word is always the best inhibitor to thoughts or feelings of doubt or fear.
  3. Talk to God. Spending time each day in prayer is an essential part of completely trusting in God. Taking the time to share ourselves with God opens our hearts for him to share himself with us. It’s in these times that our faith will surely deepen and our love and trust for God shall grow.
  4. Give Thanks. Take the time to give thanks to God for all the gifts, large and small in your life.

Trusting God doesn’t have to be a lifelong struggle as long as we invest the time and energy needed to develop and grow our relationship with Him.

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