Have you ever doubted God?

Have you ever doubted God?

Have you Ever Doubted God?

I know the subject of doubting God may be taboo in some church circles. But for many of us, it’s a reality that repeatedly finds its way into our minds. Whether we’re doubting our faith, our salvation or God’s existence, doubt for many of us can be a daily battle both mentally and spiritually.

Doubt can affect believers in many ways. For some of us, tragedy draws us closer to the Lord and therefore strengthens our faith while for many others tragedy works directly opposite causing us to question God’s love for us. We may even question why God allowed the tragedy to happen in the first place. People process pain and suffering very differently, so it’s only natural that as Christians our reactions to victories and defeats would be different as well.

Take for example in my Christian Romance novel “Forever Yours” our main character Monica Cooper has lost her father. This tragic loss causes her to doubt God and eventually lose faith in him altogether.

Doubt has often been considered the opposite of faith. But is that true? I know in my own walk with the Lord there have been many times that I have doubted whether God was listening, watching or even caring. But I’ve never questioned or doubted my faith. I’ve always equated my faith as my salvation. And I’ve never questioned my salvation.  For me, doubt is somewhere between believing or not believing something will or will not happen.

Take for example, if someone tells me they’ll do something and I have faith they will do it, then that means I know, without a doubt, they’ll do it. Just as I know, without a doubt Jesus died for me on the cross and saved me from my sins.

But if that person tells me they’ll do something and I don’t have faith they’ll do it, then that’s me doubting whether they’ll honor their commitment. So, when I say that I’ve doubted God, what I’m really saying is that I sometimes find myself doubting whether he’ll do something that I’ve asked him to do. Even if His word contradicts my doubts.

What are some ways we can conquer our doubts and live a more faith-filled life?

1.      Community-Having a strong community of Christian friends and family to pray with us and lift us up in our times of need are key to our success as believers. Being an active part of a bible based church is the single greatest place to build our community. If you’re not already an active member of a local church, then check around and find one in your area that fits your needs.

2.      Our Inner Circle-Having an inner circle of Christian friends who we can lean on twenty-four seven is crucial to overcoming our doubts and fears and building our faith. Jesus had many followers but there’s a reason he chose twelve specific men to follow him. He knew the power of having a strong inner circle. And after his resurrection, Jesus used his inner circle to lay the foundation for his church. So, finding a few close friends who you can trust completely can prove to be a very valuable tool in curving your doubts and strengthening your faith.

3.      Prayer-When in doubt Pray! Prayer is hands down the simplest and yet most significant form of communicating with and understanding God’s will for your life. We should pray daily and in those times of doubt and confusion, we should dedicate even more time to prayer. We should even ask members of our “Inner Circle” to pray with us.

4.      Reading Gods’ Word-Reading and studying God’s word regularly is a powerful faith building habit that not only can calm our doubts and fears but can be a cornerstone of our faith. Having a handful of scriptures readily on hand that we can use to remind ourselves of God’s promises can extinguish many of our doubts before they have time to catch fire.

5.      Lastly, Give Thanks!!-Whenever you feel doubts creeping into your mind and heart take some time to thank God for all the gifts in your life. Spend time listing as many things as possible that you are thankful for. From the littlest things like the shoes on your feet to the greatest of things like your children. Giving thanks has a remarkable cleansing effect on clearing our minds of the doubts and fears we may be facing. Reminding ourselves of all the times God has been faithful to us and our family is a great way to reaffirm our minds and spirits that God does care and that He is listening.

Doubt can rob us of experiencing everything that God has planned for our lives. Investing the necessary time and energy building our community, gathering our inner circle, praying and giving thanks are just a few simple ways we can strengthen our faith.

We live in a fallen world where bad things happen to good people and the enemy is quick to tell us that these things happen because God doesn’t love us. But we know from reading God’s word that this isn’t true.

So, have Faith dear heart and know that we serve a Great Big God. And no matter how low the valley we’re in or how steep the mountain we must climb, He is always there to lead, guide and protect us,

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