Behold, God is my Salvation;

Behold, God is my Salvation;

God is my Salvation

A few days from now, October tenth will mark twenty-three years since I surrendered my heart to the Lord. Then, a seventeen-year-old boy accepted the invitation of a friend to attend his church’s dramatic performance titled “Heaven’s Gates Hell’s Flames”, I will always be grateful to my friend for not only inviting me but being there at my side as I made the most important decision of my life. It wasn’t until years later while assisting my wife in directing our church’s Christmas play that God laid on my heart a desire to write Christian Fiction.


Since that day my life has taken many turns, tumbles, and missteps. There have been many highs and many lows and through it all God has been by my side, guiding and protecting me. God has answered many of my prayers in ways far beyond anything I could have ever imagined.

With the anniversary of my Salvation only days away, I am reminded of all the times and many ways God has blessed me. I remember praying, asking the Lord to send me a Godly girl to love and share my life with. And one day, in November of 1996 while visiting a new church a beautiful girl with big brown innocent eyes named Christy captured my attention and later my heart. And amazingly enough on April 15th, 2000, in that same church, that beautiful brown eyed girl became my wife. Wow, God is good!

Two years later God blessed us with the birth of the most amazing son ever, John. And three years after that came our little princess, Abby. Parenting has been one of the most rewarding and eye-opening experiences. Many times through the years God has used the parenting of our kids to reveal to us his heart for us as our Heavenly Father.

Just as no loving parent wants or desires to see their kids hurt or struggle, God doesn’t desire to see his children suffer either. That’s why he gave us the most precious gift of all, his son Jesus Christ. While accepting Christ as Lord and Saviour of your life doesn’t shield you from troubles, tragedies or turmoil it does guarantee you that you will always have someone making intercession on your behalf. You will always have someone in your corner, by your side, and with you even when you think you’re all alone.

God’s grace can make beauty from ashes, make your crooked places straight, and be the light unto your path. And to receive such gifts we only have to love and trust in his word and his son Jesus. The past twenty-three years haven’t all been rainbows and gumdrops but I can testify today that through every storm of my life God has never forsaken me. He has been there even when I couldn’t see him and I know that no matter what tomorrow brings I won’t have to face it alone, for Behold, God is my Salvation.




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