Happy Birthday Momma

Happy Birthday Momma

In Memory of a very special Lady




The most influential person in my life would have to be my mother. Born in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Georgia my mom never truly knew the finer things in life. But she knew love and more importantly she knew how to show love.


I never once doubted her love for me, my twin brother or my four sisters. Although we never had much, we always had a loving mother. No matter what kind of trouble we got ourselves in she was always there to help us in any way she could.

As a young boy, she never left my side when I found myself hospitalized for appendicitis. At ten years old I had never felt such pain or discomfort. But having my mom there made everything much easier.

And years later, when I once again found myself hospitalized for a week my mom took off work so she could set by my bedside. She would sit with me so my pregnant wife could go home and rest before coming back and spending the night.

In March of 2011, my sister called me at work to tell me the devastating news that our mom had stage four lung cancer. I have never in my life felt as helpless as I did that day. I left work early to go spend the day with her. I had expected to find her crying and upset, instead, she greeted me with a warm smile. That’s just the kind of woman she was.

Two years later, on March 3rd, 2013, my mom lost her battle with cancer. Nothing or no one will ever be able to take the place of my mom. Today she would have been seventy-one years old.

So, in honor of one amazing wife, woman, and mother…Happy Birthday, Momma.

Love Always




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