How to find Forgiveness

How to find Forgiveness

 Forgiveness…how do we forgive someone?

Forgiveness might well be one of the most difficult yet most rewarding emotional acts a person can take. And yet, for all too many their hearts have been closed from forgiving someone who has hurt them.

In my Christian fantasy novel “Forever Yours” our main character Monica Cooper struggles with forgiving her husband for his infidelity. This perhaps may be the most common offenses that someone may struggle to forgive someone for.

Having someone who you trust, like a spouse, to betray you can leave life-long emotional scars. And harboring hurt feelings toward another person can rob us of many blessings that God has in store for us.

So how do we find it in our hearts to forgive someone?

First, forgive yourself. Many times the betrayed spouse or offended party may blame themselves for the situation. They may even blame themselves if their children were hurt due to the betrayal. Acknowledging your role is important but be careful that you’re not blaming yourself for things beyond your control.

Second, refuse to allow your hurt feelings to make you angry and bitter. Anger and bitterness are two ingredients sure to destroy your chances of peace.

Third, refocus your heart and mind on the goodness of God. Renewing your spirit will strengthen you against obstacles such as anger and bitterness.

Fourth, once you have forgiven yourself, renewed your heart and mind and refocused yourself to a Christ-centered life, then ask God for the strength and courage to forgive the individual who has hurt you.

If after renewing your mind and heart towards God you still find forgiveness difficult then perhaps you should consider seeking out a Christ-focused counselor or pastor. Allowing unforgiveness to fester in your heart will sabotage ever area of your life.




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